José Luis Labrandero 2019 award

Jesús Torralba, PhD student at CGAT, won the prestigious José Luis Labrandero award for the best scientific work published by young researchers in Revista Española de Teledetección. This award was obtained ex aequo at the XVIII Congreso Nacional de Teledetección.

The work entitled “Assessing the use of discrete, full-waveform LiDAR and TLS to classify Mediterranean forest species composition”, whose co-authors are P. Crespo-Peremarch and L.A. Ruiz, in 2018, explains how the combination of three LiDAR techniques (discrete, full-waveform and terrestrial laser scanning) allows to discriminate different compositions of Mediterranean forest species.

“These analyses show that classification in forest ecosystems with presence of understory vegetation and intermediate canopy strata is improved by combining different LiDAR techniques”, explained Jesús Torralba.

Field campaing in Sierra de Espadán Natural Park.
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